Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg
Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg

Andrzej Szablewski

  • Born 03. January 1913 in Radziejów, Poland
  • Arrested by german troops in 1940 and deported to Hamburg for use as a forced labourer
  • Works together with his brother on the farmstead Hohenbuchen
  • Befriends the married harvester Hildegard Lütten
  • The estate- and landowner Grimm, who was rejected by Hildegard Lütten, reports both of them to the secret state policy and has them arrested in an act of revenge, stating they are enganged in an illigal romantic liasion.
  • Andrzey is hanged 13. March 1942 without a court ruling, but under direct command of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
  • Hildegard Lütten is sent to women concentration camp Ravensbrück and survives the war.