Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg
Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg

Umberto Piantoni

  • Born 13. March 1917 in Narni (Terni), Italy
  • Serves in the Italian Army as a driver
  • After Mussolinis downfall in July 1943, and the subsequent cease fire between Italy and the Allies, the Italian Army is disarmed by the Wehrmacht and many of ist soldiers are taking prisoner
  • The special legal status of Militärinternierte, hence military interned, was a creation of the National Socialists, firstly to limit the influence of the Red Cross on the prisoners, and secondly to be able to use these prisoners in the defense industry, what would normally be forbidden with regular POWs
  • Piantoni is transferred to Hamburg as a military interned
  • Dies 09. March 1944 in the hospital Heidkaten, south-west of Kaltenkirchen