Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg
Projekte aus dem Landesverband Hamburg

Wassili Nikolajew

  • Born 01. January 1903 in Smolensk, USSR
  • Probably part of the 6th Rifle Divison of the 13th army
  • The 13th army participates in the soviet invasion of Poland and the defensive fighting after the german Invasion of the USSR
  • Captured 02. October 1941 in the cauldron of Brjansk
  • Deported to the POW camp Sandbostel, between Bremen and Hamburg, where he is forced to live in inhumane conditions
  • In March 1942, he is forced to work in the Emaillierwerk Schöning, an enamel factory, in Hamburg
  • Dies 26. March 1942 in Hamburg of „general weakness“